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Farmer’s Market

I finally got to the farmer’s market today. Sadly, I didn’t get there in time for raspberries… but it was otherwise entirely satisfying.

First, I passed the organic meats guy and let him know I’d be back for a chicken. We had filet from him last month and I loved it. Mr. Fizzy was not as enthused, but Mr. Fizzy’s tastes are tricky to satisfy.

Got a small head of lettuce for Mr. Fizzy’s sandwiches this week, and blueberries, cherries, and sungold cherry tomatoes. A giant burst of basil! It smells amazing! We still have pesto in the freezer from like two years ago, we will never use this basil. But it smells amazing and was like a buck. I chopped up a bit to go on our lunches today.

Frozen spinach gnocchi. Preserves with very little sugar in mixtures that I really love, even when I don’t enjoy the fruits that comprise them. Fresh roasted coffee…. oh man, so good. He even let me try the different coffees before I bought a cup! A giant loaf of tender bread, also after trying like four kinds of bread. A focaccia with garlic and tomato (and then later basil) on top.

Finally… marshmallow. We have a local marshmallow-maker. I haven’t tried their stuff before; I dithered between the raspberry and the blood orange and went for the orange, since I have a lot of raspberry jam at work.

This marshmallow is kind of epic. It’s tender and springy and not sticky at all, but frothy and light. It has a delicate foaminess. It’s obviously very sweet but it doesn’t overwhelm. The orange flavor is surprisingly subtle (next time, I will get the raspberry!) but present. It comes out as kind of a tartness as the sweet froth melts in my mouth. Just delightful.

The brand is Try it!


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