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Fiber Plan!

I read the blog of an avid knitter and pattern maker. I found her friends and, while I haven’t done any of her patterns yet, I like getting a little bit of knitting goodness in my mailbox a couple of times a week.

And then this happened. Pattern: Eye of the storm

I have never had a three-pronged scarf before! The work is gorgeous; the pattern trick with the two cables is totally cool. I love it. Except I can’t wear wool against my neck for very long. Also, that particular yarn she uses is a bit on the pricy side. That’s not normally a big problem for me, and it’s only one ball, but still….

So I decided I would spin the yarn. I went to DBNY to get my roving on. They have some spectacular bamboo rayon right now in wonderful colors.

That is my plan. I will:

  • Figure out how to spin bamboo rayon
  • Figure out what diameter the yarn should be and how to approximate it
  • Figure out how to introduce color changes into my spun yarn
  • Produce the right amount of yarn
  • Figure out how to wrangle two circular needles at the same time
  • Figure out how to make the lace (eek!)
  • Produce the scarf in all its lumpy and imperfect goodness!

I’m intimidated and excited. Also, I am looking forward to having a project in mind when people ask me what I’m making the yarn for. So far it’s been “Because spinning is awesome” which, sadly, confuses people.


4 responses to “Fiber Plan!

  1. elodieunderglass August 29, 2012 at 14:58

    Spinning bamboo rayon? Is that even possible? I imagined it was made by little spiders, or something.

    Anyway, it sounds inutterably fabulous. Good luck!

    • carbonatedwit August 29, 2012 at 15:22

      I assume so! I mean, you can spin anything that’s made of threads, and it’s sold as roving which is what you spin…

      If I get it and I can’t spin it, I um well er I guess I’ll stuff a pillow with it or something?

      • elodieunderglass August 29, 2012 at 15:48

        I admire this courage and attitude. SPIN EVERYTHING! SPIN ALL THE THINGS.

        If you get it and you can’t spin it, you should keep it in a decorative basket so that you can stick your hands in it when you’re sad, and visitors will assume that your home-decoration tastes are extremely artistic and avant-garde. Like, they encourage you to decorate your home with bunches of sticks and bowls of balls, so why not baskets of lovely soft stuff? I ASK YOU

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