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More On Yarn

So, I finished the yarn I was spinning! Yay! It’s a little funny, because I spun two bags of orange and one bag of white, and spun two threads of orange with one thread of white… and I have a whole lot of white left over. Just goes to show, consistency is not a feature of n00b work!

I also think I overtwisted both yarns. Especially the three-ply. I put it on my umbrella skeinwinder… and it collapsed it. So I wound it around a wooden chair and left it for a while. When I get some time I’ll pull it from the chair and wash and dry it. Then I’ll get pictures! This process left the skeinwinder available for my white yarn, so that’s good.

Next, of course, is the yarn for the scarf. After examining my colors, I decided to use the intense teal color for experimentation. It didn’t really go with the other colors as well. It’s going… interestingly. I mean, bamboo is a whole lot different to spin! I keep getting tufts left over on the couch or on my shirt, and it’s pretty hard to get the thickness where I want it. I think I have it now, though.

I did two test yarns and knitted them up. The first was way too thin, even for my #5 needles. The second is a good thickness, I think. But… well, the swatches are stockinette. My swatch didn’t stay rectangular, it turned into a parallelogram. The edges are at about a 45 degree angle to the top and bottom.

Sooooo….. that’s a very interesting effect. Not really what I was going for! I didn’t wash the bamboo yarn before swatching with it, though. I’m hoping that will make a difference. I am currently spinning up a bunch of it so I can do a pattern repeat and find out how much yarn it takes, so I can spin up the right amount. But if it keeps coming out angled, I don’t even know. It’s so strange. Maybe I over twist it, but I’m not sure I can successfully make bamboo yarn without twisting it this much?

I’m worried that the answer is “You’re trying to spin the bamboo too thick. It doesn’t like that. You have to spin thinner thread and then just ply it up.” I don’t want to make six or nine ply yarn, do people even do that, WTF?

Hopefully the washing will fix the problem and I will stop making Stockinette Askew. If it keeps going, I’ll have to find some other yarn to spin up for this scarf, and that will be annoying!


One response to “More On Yarn

  1. dancingcrow September 18, 2012 at 12:35

    I am betting that a wash and then hanging dry will ease some of the twist in the bamboo, and it should be more nearly square when you work with it. You might test the swatch with a wash and a hang dry to see if that makes any difference either? I don’t know from spinning, but I do know woven fibers, and bamboo and rayon generally soften up and drape well –

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