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How I kicked the Pellegrino habit

I’m old enough that back in my day, only silly yuppie types drank bottled water. Water with fizz in was just something you added to liquor.

But when I was an exchange student in Germany, my host family introduced me to the wonders of fizzy mineral water. They didn’t believe in drinking tap water and unfizzy mineral water was just noxious to me. Fizz it izz!

After I returned, I eventually settled on Pellegrino as the fizzy mineral water of choice for the next generation. It’s so good! It’s almost salty, but not very; the minerals are palate-cleansing and satisfying. The fizz is lively and wakes you up. So, so good.

The problem, of course, is that Pellegrino is expensive. Also it’s hard to buy in quantity; the boxes are usually glass (recyclable, but heavy, ugh!) or small bottles. I wanted CRATES of the big bottles!

Oh, I tried other brands, or the knock-off stuff in the grocery story, but it never quite satisfied. It’s just not the same.

But then… one day, someone sent meĀ A Link. There is a whole world of water nerds out there! People who have spent time perfecting the chemistry of emulating fizzy water. They geeked out, and then they put it on the internet for all to read!


My then-fiance and I put a Sodastream on the wedding registry and I was On My Way.

I got ready to order all the component parts (okay, that’s gypsum salts, that’s table salt… how do I know if plaster of paris is food-safe, anyway?) when I read the most amazing thing. A product, called Burton Salt and used for beermaking, tastes very much like Pellegrino! It’s even cheap!

Victory. Truly.

The thing of it is, now I’m mostly not even adding the salts to the fizz. Mostly I’m just drinking straight carbonated water. Club Soda. Sparkling Dihydrogen Oxide. I went through a phase of trying to get different flavors to work and ended up with some really unpleasant sodas. I experimented with the Burton Salts and figured how much I needed to get the flavor right, and I still skip it much of the time. The carbonation adds a bit of sour that I find delicious all on its own.

Do you have a bubble problem?